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Shetland, Sea Scapes Workshop 2019

June 2019
Saturday 1st - Thursday 6th (1 Place)
includes Hotel in Lerwick, 
Dinner, bed and breakfast
flights from either Glasgow,
Edinburgh or Aberdeen, 
inc Sea Bird Colony boat trip, feeding Gannets

Workshop 2 
August 2019
Friday 9th - Wednesday 14th (2 Places)
includes Hotel in Lerwick, 
Dinner, bed and breakfast
flights from either Glasgow, 
Edinburgh or Aberdeen, 
inc Sea Bird Colony boat trip, feeding Gannets

Shetland 2019 

Shetland is an amazing group of islands sitting in the northern atlantic off the coast of Scotland, with an abundance of opportunities for landscape and wildlife photography.

Being the furthest northern landfall in the U.K, it see's dramatic weather conditions but this gives fantastic light for landscape work. The light is quite special, from raking torch across the land, to wonderful sun rays, the images you capture will bring great work to anyones portfolio. 

We cover all elements of photography on this workshop and see a large majority of the islands. 

As you can imagine we spend plenty of time shooting the coast and practicing long exposure photography.

Small Workshop Group Size

A large part of my courses are about learning to see where an image is going to develop and looking at the landscape with a new eye for composition. As I only take small group's, this gives me plenty of time for one to one tuition. It also means we can easily stop along the routes to make images all through the day. 

Travel and Accommodation 

The course includes;
All photographic tuition and activities,
transportation to the photographic locations

Flights from either, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen
Transportation to and from Sumburgh airport
5 nights, Hotel in Lerwick

Dinner, bed and breakfast
Sea Bird Boat trip

Photography review in the evening and critique

Workshop cancellation 

What it doesn't include;
Transport to airports (arrival and departure) 
Drinks from the bar
Lunch on each day of the workshop
Deposit is £500 with the balance paid 8 weeks 
before the workshop

Sea Bird Boat Trip
The workshop includes a sea bird boat trip to the amazing Gannet colony. Here you will see a sea bird colony close up, you then have then have the opportunity to photograph, gannets, razorbills, fulmar, close up and personal. 

Underwater Images 
I can also help you with some dramatic underwater shots of the Gannets feeding. 

On the boat
Workshop Details - 
What you need
Bring along the camera equipment you are most familiar with and have a good understanding of its basic settings. Most cameras work in a similar way so I can help with some of the finer points. 

It can be digital or film, I shoot with both when on my own, the only point I would add here is that it is nice to view the days photographs in the evening all together, digital photography allows for this activity.

Fitness- The photography does require some moderate hill walking so a little fitness is required, a pair of walking boots are
beneficial to the terrain.
Waterproofs - Just in case.

Free Post Production Day 

All my workshops include a free Post Production day

All workshop participants are welcome to book a date at my studio in Shropshire to discuss and learn Photoshop Editing/Printing Techniques. Your favourite image from the weekend will then be printed out Full Colour or Monochrome upto 18" x 24" size.

At work in the studio on a post production session.


If you would like to book a course or require more information please email me and I will send you a booking form by return or answer your questions/requests. 

Click on this link for more details about this workshop

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