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 Iceland Photographic Summer Workshops 2020
East, North and West Iceland

Summer 2020
June 2019 Iceland 10 Night Midnight Sun Workshop
Friday 19th - Monday 29th

One Magical Circle of Iceland
including Vestrahorn, Eystrahorn, Eastern Fjords Djupivogur, Husavik, Kirkjufell, 
Iconic Waterfalls, 
Geysirs, Icelandic Horses, Vik, Hofn
Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

10 Night workshop, Dinner, bed and Breakfast

Solfar at Midsummer

Iceland Ten Night Summer Workshop of a Magical Island

A transformation takes place across this mystical land. Summer in Iceland is like a never ending journey through changing light and drama. The sun sets but only briefly for a few hours around 1.00am , truly justifying the title bestowed on arctic continents, land of the midnight sun. 

The barren lunar landscape turns into a riot of blues and purples as the Lupins emerge from their winter hibernation.
it is quite spectacular. The mountains take on their Ryolite greens and yellows, fiery reds and ochres, stunning is the word.   

 Small Workshop Group Size

A large part of my courses are about learning to see where an image is going to develop and looking at the landscape with a new eye for composition. As I only take small groups of photographers to the locations, we can easily stop along the routes to make images all through the day. 

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